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Friday, 8 September 2017

Latest Hurricane Notice from CERT

From the LPV CERT Group

If you have a land line phone, get a hard line phone.  Many phones sold today will not work during a power failure.  Plug it in and test it.  Portable phones need power.

Check in with your OUT OF AREA contact person,
After the storm sending a text may be your best option. Have your contact let family & friends know that THEY will contact them with information

If you haven't set your freezer to its coldest setting do it now!

Make plans for a 3 day power outage. Look at what you have and plan how you'll make the best usage of your supplies.

Fill your bath tub some time Sat. afternoon. Test the drain for leaks before hand

Watch out for your neighbors.  Know who is staying in place.

DO NOT go outside until it is safe.

Yard art, pots, flags, Flag stands and poles, garbage cans, grills etc, are potential missiles, & they need to be brought in.

Fill your propane tanks today or tomorrow.

The Hurricane Center says taping your windows is a waste of time.
We suggest closing and locking your window and close all window coverings and drapes. Alternatively you can nail or tack heavy blankets or comforters to the wall to prevent flying glass.  Nail holes are easy to fix.

AFTER the storm has passed, and its safe.......

Your CERT team will be out checking on any damage, assisting injured and reporting the situation to the PC Emergency Operations Center

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