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Saturday 27 February 2016

First Annual LPV Shuufleboard Tournament

This was our first attempt and by all accounts it seemed to be a success. Here are a few photos.

Bingo! - no it is Eric announcing it is time to take the courts

Championship Court

New Cue Heads thanks to Sherry, Sun and the volunteers

Convenor Joe - his work is done - the tourney will have a life of its own now

Early Birds

Coach Joe saying - win this one for the gipper

Our full field of 32 plus officials

(click on to enlarge)

Action shots from the Consolation side

Jim has a great follow through

It was a bit breezy at the foot

Eric directing traffic and going over the court assignments

The Gallery was not huge but they were enthusiastic

Consolation Champs - Julie and Jim

Finalists Howard and Frank

Champions Joe and Greg in a barn burner

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