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Friday 14 December 2018

Golf Cart Parade and Singspiration Caroling

Thanks Agathe for the photos. Sorry we couldn't be there (click on photos to enlarge them and scroll through).

Sunday 2 December 2018

A Christmas Gathering

Up north we call it Christmas Sharing but here at LPV it's a Christmas Gathering. Thanks to Ang, Verlie and Bob for putting it on. They were overwhelmed with the response as we raised a truckload  of gifts for local children and the nursing homes. Thanks to Verlie and Sherry for the entertainment. The Groove Girls were brilliant. Thanks to all the volunteers for the food, setting up and cleaning up. Here are some photos (click on photos to enlarge them and scroll through).

Our Gathering Girls

The clubhouse looked great as always.

What it was all about. Gifts for local children to ensure they had a Christmas.

... and Nursing Home residents.

There was lots of food.

and door prizes.

The Groove Girls put on a great show.

Nice crowd.

Football is part of the holidays (I guess). I will not disclose my source for this photo.

The dancers started slowly.

Two beautiful voices.

That's a pretty big smile Joe.

... and that's a look of terror.

I want you!

Ella and her pony - Southern Dancer.

It's door prize time.

"Marry that girl"