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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Free Daytripping around Lakeland

We live in a great spot. There is plenty to do and see around our area and it doesn't have to cost anything. November is a good time visit these free sites.

You can walk around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth. This is the view from Florida Southern College on the lake.

Or ... you can visit Circle B Bar Reserve to see the alligators, birds or armadillos. 

Or ... take a walk around Hollis Gardens on Lake Mirror downtown.

New Doc from CERT Team

Rick from our CERT Team asked me to post this doc;


Sunday 13 November 2016

Veterans Day Flags

I managed to get a few shots of our flags this year. Sorry, I didn't get around to every street. They looked great. You can click to enlarge any of the photos on the blog.

Butterflies in LPV

Ann also sent me some butterfly photos from the Haltamans next door on Lake Erie and Mary Lou Bettis on Lake Huron. That's Mary Lou with one of them attached to her eyeglasses. We have seen lots of butterflies this November.

as caterpillers

LPV Reno Photos from Ann Bennett

Ann is back and brought me some photos for the Blog. Here is the work being done on the creek and the roof of the clubhouse. All done now and looking good.