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Saturday, 25 March 2017

LPV Activities - St Patrick's Day Dance

It was another big crowd for one of our last dances of the year. Here are a few photos from the St Patrick's Day Dance.

Looks like the Line Dancing classes are paying off

Nice crowd

DJ Chrissy

Hi Fred

Addie is just a growing boy

Leprechaun Agathe

Friday, 24 March 2017

Our free day trips this winter/spring

Here are a few photos from some of our day trips. All of these locations are free.

John's Pass

Anna Maria Island

Kiteboarders off the south pier of the Sunshine Skyway bridge

Lake Morton, Lakeland

Lake Hollingsworth, Lakeland

Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland

Disney Springs, Disneyworld

Hollis Gardens. Lake Mirror, Lakeland

Thursday, 23 March 2017

LPV Activities - Bocce Ball

Retiring convenor Pete has done a great job building up Bocce over the past few years. Year end tournament coming up April 6.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lake Huron Sunsets

A Lake Pointe Village sunset over Lake Huron tonight and a typical Lake Huron sunset from our home town of Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Our 2nd Annual Shuffleboard Tournament named in honour of Andy Miscencik

It was a gorgeous day and a big turnout for shuffleboard and pizza. Thanks to Joe and Eli and all the volunteers for making it a great day. You can click on photos to enlarge them.

Weather was perfect and by time we started every court was in sunshine.

The draw.

Coffee hour before the tournament.

Joe's final instructions.

Trophy table.

Quarter final draw.

The volunteers.

Maureen and Dave acting like crossing guards.

Synchronized shuffleboard.

Howard and Larry like to play checkers in between ends.

The foot.

Barb likes to spear her pucks before setting up.

Joe keeping tabs.

Barb's excellent form.

Maureen's form.

The shady gallery.

Caught the volunteers taking a selfie.

Snack table.

Walt always good for a smile.

Howard's form.

At the head.

Handshake time.

The sunny gallery.

The semi-final draw.

Dave's form.

Don's form.

Marie's form - wait a minute she didn't make the semis but she killed us in the first round.

Where's the pizza? - it came right on time after the final. Right on time.

There were quite a few close games.

Maureen keeping score of a semi.

Sue's form.

The shady gallery is losing their shade.

"Oh Canada"

Larry's form.

Marilyn's form.

Eric calling a first down - wait a minute - blacks out.

Handshake time.

Joe starting the finals.

Don's form.

George was deadly.

Cart gallery.

One yellow. Big gallery.

Last year's champ Greg (and Linda) visiting. Meanwhile, the grandkids weren't getting too excited.

... even dozing off. I think they would rather be playing.

Don and John frame George's shot.

"Tools of the trade"

Nice to see Greg and Linda again.

"Principal" scorekeeper Eric.

John's winning form.

It's over - handshakes all around.

Third place to Marilyn and Dave.

2nd place to Don and Don.

This year's champs George and John.

The top 3 teams.

Flamingo cart.

Pizza Pick-up Girls.

Pizza came with instructions.

Thanks to all the volunteers.

Walt posing with his (Marilyn's) trophy.

Pizza time.

It was delicious and we had lots.

Gayle and Larry in the box seats.

End of a great morning and afternoon.