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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Shuffleboard Pizza Party and Trophies

Before we could eat and get our trophies we had another day of competition with 41 players taking part. Let the games begin.

Joe prepping the courts

It looks like troops getting their orders before heading into battle

A standing ovation for Joe, Elly and their team of volunteers


Larry and Fred lurking in the shadows
It's time for the trophies from our first annual tournament

Jim and Julie (in absentia) - Consolation Champs

Ohio Howard and Lake Huron Frank - finalists

Champions - Joe and Greg

Red Solo Cup Award
It's time for Pizza
Thanks to Elly and her team of volunteers

It looks like a record sales morning for Hungry Howie's

That's Hungry Howard digging into Hungry Howie's

... and dessert

Did you ever see the seagulls at the beach when you drop a french fry?
We have a great group of people

Hey, who ate all the cinnamon buns ?



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