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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Potluck April 21, 2016

Here is an update from Maggie Horn with photos of today's Potluck. It sounds like a great time. Keep the updates coming, Maggie.

We had the April Potluck dinner today, and it was a really good time... good food, good company, and a whole lot of laughs. Because it is April, we decided to celebrate April Fools Day today, so each table had to come up with a punch line for  knock-knock jokes before they could get in line for the buffet. We also had a very special prize for the table that was called to the buffet last... our very own "April Fools bottle of Dom Perignon." We would love to have everybody join the fun, the next Potluck will be in October, so start getting those recipes ready soon.


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