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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Halloween Dance and Karaoke

A good time was had by all with lots of great costumes (as always you can click on photos to enlarge them and scroll through).

The Doorman

The DJ

Great friends Barb and Bones

I can't believe we let this guy beat us at poker today


Dr Andrea just out of surgery

Lots to eat

Great costume Sher

I could never get his face

Getting a haircut tomorrow

Hippie Brenda

Who is this girl?

Newcomer Kate

and Fred from Brooklyn

Love her dog - Bones

Jellyfish Karaoke

Just can't get his face

Two pretty faces

Jellyfish Cameleons

Dessert Table

Jailbird stealing desserts

The costume parade

Parade breaks into a line dance

The costume winner - no one knew who she was
It's Verlie

That's a wrap

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