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Friday 1 April 2022

Bocce Tournament 2022

 It was a fun and full day to wrap up the Bocce season. Thanks to Maureen, Dave and Joe for convening (click on photos to enlarge them and scroll through). A few photos added at the bottom from Saturday.

The Draw

The Rosters

The snacks - thanks Maureen

Maureen and Dave do a great job with this group

Team Alpha Gayle

Team Alpha Gary

Team Alpha Caren

Team Alpha Annette

Team Bravo Sally

Team Bravo Kevin

Team Bravo John

Team Bravo Gary

Team Charlie Ingrid

Team Charlie Sharon

Team Charlie Howard

Team Charlie Terri

Team Delta Barb

Team Delta Lonny

Team Delta Linda

Team Delta Cindy

The Gallery

The Gallery

Waiting for the bell

Team Delta vs Team Charlie

Team Alpha Vs Team Bravo and Team Delta vs Team Charlie

Team Alpha vs Bravo

Team Charlie taking it to Team Delta

Fist pumps as Charlie beats Delta

Ref Dave says One Red

Lots to do as ref

Where do we play game 2?

Team Charlie plays Alpha for chance to play Bravo

Comish Maureen talks to ref Joe

Skies look threatening but no rain today

Undefeated Team Bravo vs Alpha in final
Alpha must beat Bravo twice to win it all

Close Game

Green wins it

Champions 2022 - Team Alpha
Caren, Annette, Gayle and Gary

A big thank you to Dave and Maureen

Handing out the medals
Gold to Caren, Gary, Annette (Gayle absent)

Silver to Greg, Sally, Kevin (John absent)

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