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Wednesday 6 September 2017

Hurricane Irma Updates from CERT

The Polk County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been opened according to the Lakeland Ledger. I have not yet heard from our CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) contacts at Polk County Fire Rescue (PCFR). As soon as I hear from them, I will pass it along.

Here is link to Ledger Article Emergency Op Centre

A CERT Reminder for Our Neighbors.

The Governor is telling all Floridians, now is the time to prepare for Irma. Please pay attention to this ever evolving storm.  

Secure your property.

Bring in outdoor path lights and other yard and garden art, and furniture.  Don’t forget your BBQ grill.  Shut off the propane gas tank.

Keep your cell phone fully charged.

Keep your gas tank full. 

       Set your freezer to its coldest setting.  Now is the time to increase the cold level in your freezer and refrigerator to prolong the safe storage of food in your freezer. If you have room add extra containers of water to the freezer to add more time for safe keeping.

Have some cash on hand. With power outages credit card machine and ATM’s will not work.

It may be too late to buy water, but you have time to fill clean containers with extra water. Fill your bathtub before the storm hits.

Hopefully people have a check list to use. 

If you evacuate: Let family know where you are going to go and when you arrive there safely. 

While making preparations remember we may lose power at any time.

Here is link to IRMA tips

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