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Monday 11 September 2017

Latest 2 Updates from Polk County Sheriff's Facebook Page

5:00 am

Polk County experienced a significant impact from Irma. Here are a few of the initial damage assessments: power outages are widespread, many trees and power lines are down blocking roadways, there is extensive private property damage, and many traffic signals are not working. Please be careful out there! We strongly recommend that citizens do not drive on roads unless it is necessary. Downed power lines are very dangerous. Debris on roadways is common. The following is a PARTIAL list of damage (please excuse abbreviations and possible corrections needed for accurate street names--this information is being generated quickly and is subject to change):
Kathleen Rd., and Matters Rd., Lakeland, tree down
Palmetto Lane E. and V. Matt Williams Blvd, Polk City, tree down
Galloway Road and Spivey Road, tree down
W. Socrum Loop Rd., and Novell Costing Rd., tree down
Citrus Ave., and Oak Ave., Kathleen, tree down
Gib Galloway and Childs Way, tree down
Lake Reedy Blvd, Frostproof, tree down
Tree & lines, 208 Waterview Drive
559 South of 21 Palms, tree down
Bryant Ranch Road, trees fallen & blocking access to neighborhood
Power line road blocked on Dean Street at Cook Road, electric pole
719 Swill Drive, tree fell on home
Polk City Road west of US 27, blocked lanes, Haines City
Hatcher and Spring Lane, Lakeland, 5 downed trees,
Yule and Creekwater, flooded
Shepherd Rd & Newman Circle, flooded
Clubhouse and 8th & Clubhouse and 12th, trees down
Swindell and 92, Flooding
5442 Shadyglen Drive & Spivey Rd, trees and lines down
Thompson Nursery Rd. 1 mile west of 27, trees down blocking road
Chalet Suzanne and 27, traffic lights on ground
Pipkin Rd. and Hansen, flooded, tree in west bound lane
Camp Inn off US 27, multiple trees on road on 27
Powerline Road and Greenbriar, Greenbriar subdivision, blocked with tree
Bailey Rd and Davis Rd, tree blocked
540 north of boat ramp, trees down
Canal Rd and Timberlane, tree down
Lake Shore Blvd and Sunset, Lake Wales, lines and trees down
Shepherd Road and Shepherd Oaks, Lakeland, Collapsed power pole
Dundee Road and 27, traffic signal dangling
Recker and Thornhill Road, traffic signal down
Scenic Highway and Water Tank Road, trees down
Bomber Road and Rifle Range Road, Trees down
Eagle Ave & 6th Street, Eagle Lake, Lines and trees down
West side of JA Wilshire & Scenic Highway, structure fire
Scenic Highway and Water Tank, tree down
Avenue G & 22nd Street, NW, Wire down
Tindel Camp & Timberland, tree down
New Glen and Sharp Pine, tree down
Harrelson Rd & Sims, tree down
Hunt brothers and Big tank Road, Lines down
Tindel Camp and Canal, trees down
SR 33 west of Old Polk City Road, Tree down
Bomber Road west of Rifle Range Road, Tree down
Scenic Highway and Passion Play Road, tree down
Avenue Q NW and 32nd Street NW; tree down
Broadway through H…. Avenue, Polk City, tree down
26th Street NW South of Avenue P., NW, tree down
Duff Road west of 98, tree down
26th Street south of Avenue S, NW, Winter Haven, tree down
South bound 98, Gib Galloway to…, flooding
@2705 98 c/s Griffin Rd., tree down
Old Polk City & Hunter Rd., Pole and transformer & tree down
Railroad arms at 98 & West Frostproof Road broken
Entrance to pumps Avenue Q, tree down
1st Ave and Hobbs, lines down
Dundee Road and 27, trees down
27 & Man, Lake Wales, trees down
Boy Scout Road east of 98, lines down
Kokomo & Pond View Rd., Lines down with broken pole
Winter Lake and Thornhill, signal down
Dean Still and 33 @ round about, lines down (14971 Commonwealth)
Galloway & Knights Station, tree down
60 and Jasmine, LW, trees down
8619 Hwy 33 @ Jean Robinson, trees down
I4 WB @ 27, debris in road
540 & Spirit Lake, transformer
NB Spirit Lake and Allen Ave., in front of Mid Florida, tree down
547 & Shady Lane, Tree down and pole down
Saddle Bag Road & 60 East, lines down
Scenic Highway South & 2nd Ave., Frostproof
Spirit Lk and Shadow Wood to Flamingo, tree down

3:00 am

Here's an update: the worst of the wind has pushed through Polk County. We are shifting our mission to damage assessment and storm recovery. We are out now locating blocked roads--there are many--and damaged homes and businesses to see who needs help and get the roads clear for emergency vehicles. The photo is of a damaged patrol car--Polk County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Chris Lynn and Polk County Fire Rescue Paramedic James Tanner Schaill became trapped in a PCSO patrol car late Sunday night after a live power pole and electric line(s) fell on it while they were driving on Lakeland Hills Blvd. near Robson St. They were travelling from LRMHC where they had dropped off an elderly patient and were returning to north Lakeland. They were trapped for about two hours late Sunday night / early Monday morning. Lakeland Electric crews responded and were able to disconnect the lines. The two were able to get out of the patrol car at about 1:15 a.m. Monday morning. Both have returned to work to begin recover work.

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