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Friday, 22 March 2019

Bocce Tournament 2019

Here are some photos from this year's tournament. Thanks to Eric for putting it together with help from Sue, Dave, Maureen and Joe. Medals will be given out at the Pizza Party, I will add those photos later. As always you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. I just added 3 photos of the group thanking Eric and Dave for their work convening Bocce - Maureen accepted on Dave's behalf (he was busy with air conditioner).

Champions Howard, Rich, Sally and Jim
Finalists Sharon, Joyce, Linda and Gayle

Plaques will be presented at our Pizza Party after shuffleboard

It was a beautiful morning for the tournament

Flowers were poppin' at the Gazebo

New awnings look great and will really help on the hot days.

Last year's Champs

This year's bracket and team members

The commish addressing the troops

Alpha Company

Beta Company

Charlie Company

Delta Company

The officials

Woodpecker announces the official start

They're off

Dave measuring for a call

Maureen shooting out of the shadows.

Nice shots

Great scoreboards

Game 1 in the books on Lane 2

Lane 1 still going with red leading here also

Game 1's both in the books

Game 2 Lane 1 - winner advances directly to final

Thanks Sue for the fruit cups

Part of our gallery

Lane 2 will eliminate someone (playing for popcorn in billiards)

Green have a big lead on Lane 1

More of our gallery

Wo! Red have come back

Dave says game over - Team Charlie wins

Lane 2 it's Team Alpha still alive

"There's no hugging in Bocce"

Team Alpha plays Team Delta in semi final

Break Time

Great fruit cups - thanks Sue

Looking for ants - no it's a coin toss

The semi final is under way

The gallery grows

Simon says cross your arms


Team red comes from behind

It's Charlie vs Delta in the final - Delta would have to win twice

Delores can relax now

It wasn't even close

Game over - Charlie Company wins

Handshakes all around

"We are the champions"
"We are the champions"
"No time for losers"
" 'Cause we are the champions .... of the world"

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