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Sunday, 24 March 2019

LPV Shuffleboard Tournament 2019

There was a big crowd out for our 2019 Tournament and Pizza Party. Thanks to Joe and all his helpers with Shuffleboard this season and the party. (click on photos to enlarge them and scroll through)

Eric presenting the group's thank you to Joe for convening.

... and presenting to Joe Stevens for convening in the summer
(Sharon receives for Joe who was in the shower per one of our girls)

Dave and Joe putting the finishing touches on the courts

The Draw

The early birds

Jennifer's daughter Cheryl and sister Marjorie in the luxury boxes

A little chilly in the shade so they listen to instructions in the sunshine

We're off and shuffling

Good friend Andrea is our opponent today - Good luck bud

My partner Elmer didn't miss many shots after the 3rd end of the first game

Debbie showing good form despite her back problems

Howard and Yvonne squaring off on court 1

Gallery starting to build

Dave likes to go low when he releases

That 7 for black just savad them

We are down to the quarter finals

Linda took a few shots for me

Fred is just as smooth on the court as he is speaking in front of a crowd

Good form from Agathe with the ever present smile

Good form from Bill

Ralph is having a great day

Side view of Dave's low delivery

Crowd continues to grow

Agathe using body english on Dave's shot

Ingrid's delivery against Joe

Elmer totally focused now

Dave's smooth delivery in the final

Elmer and Joe at the head

Dave and I at the foot

Joe is still on the run

We will start the awards with the Bocce plaques

3rd Place Finishers - Wayne and Ralph

2nd Place to Dave and Joe

Elmer and I lucked out on the draw to take first

The podium

Bea hasn't played for months but she polishes the pucks every week

Joe has been a key backup for convenor Joe

Hungry Howie just showed up with the pizzas

Lots of desserts

Maggie's shuffleboard cookies looked to good to eat - tasted great also

Everyone chowing down - is that Joe sitting down?

I got busted by Debbie

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